Sunday, October 21, 2018

RED MOTHER DEAD: A Merry Halloween Release!


After probably the longest overhaul (between moving 700 miles and plucking at a vampire story...where nothing sparkles except for the floors), the release is finally upon us! And what better way to usher in Halloween than with a new story! 

Below are the gritty details (with a little excerpt at the bottom)! Thank you all for the support! This story holds a special place in my heart. It was the last story started in St. Louis and the first one to finish in Dallas (coincidentally, the next story does take place in Texas...but you'll have to read this one first 😼). 

Undying love, a fear of the dark, and a passion for disinfectant bring forth a new romantic horror!

Brit McKay, faithful (and OCD) housekeeper of the Brennan Estate must battle germs AND the paranormal in order to keep those she loves safe. But are the disturbances truly of a paranormal nature? Or is the new tenant (and Brit's old flame) causing the chaos? 

Jack Brennan has been lost in a state of depression since his wife's death. He seeks refuge at the Brennan Estate...unaware that what he's running from has found him. But is it all in his head, or has something insidious returned from the grave to haunt him? 



“How long do I have to stay here?”
            The morning had been rough. Liam was more than a little scared about school – that much was clear. But Brit could be tough. And as they walked through the front doors of the school, she could sense the kid starting to buckle.  
            “It’s only four hours a day.” She said firmly. “You can handle four hours of school.”
            She hadn’t heard of a part-time kindergarten before, and it seemed a little ridiculous. At the same time, Liam was an anxious kid. Maybe four hours to him felt like ten hours.
            “But not until tomorrow, right? I don’t have to stay here today?”
            She bent down on one knee to talk to him. “You had school in Indiana, right?” He nodded softly. “This is the same situation, just with different kids. No big deal.”
            “What if they don’t like me?”
            He was sucking on his lower lip nervously. “They’ll like you. I like you, and I don’t really like anybody.” He smiled at her remark, then took her hand. This is how kids get to you, she thought, they do cute things to try and get you to forget how full of bacteria they are. “Okay, you’ll start tomorrow. Maybe your dad will have time to drop you off in the morning, too.”
            “And you’ll come too, right?”
            She couldn’t get over his little face. One dimple on his left cheek. Big doe eyes. And his habit of sucking on his lower lip.
            “Yes, I’ll drop you off either way. Okay?”
            She felt his hand grip hers tighter. “Okay.”
            “Liam,” she kept her voice steady – because she needed to address his safety without scaring him. “I need to ask you to keep your window closed and locked at night.” His eyes looked puzzled, so she added, “It’s too cold at night to leave your window open. I don’t want you to get sick.”
            “I just left it open a little bit.” He whispered.
            A cracked window is all a murderer needs, she thought. And after what she had seen on the news, an attack just down the street had her on high alert. “But I need you to leave it closed for now, okay?”
            He stared at her blankly for a moment. “But…my mama talks to me there…”
            She cupped his little face in her hands. “Your mama is always with you in spirit, Liam. But she also wants you to be safe. Just like me, and your dad, and your Aunt Melanie. So, can you please promise me that you’ll keep your window closed?”
            He didn’t look very convinced. Maybe she was being insensitive to his deceased mother. “Liam, if you get lonely at night, I’m just down the hall. So is your dad. But the window must stay closed. I promise you that your mother understands. She wants you to be safe.”
            Brit wasn’t sure how much he understood.
            “Enough talk of safety and windows, right? Let’s get some hot chocolate.”

            His face lit up. The awkwardness of the conversation lifted. She made a mental note to check his window before she went to bed.  


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