Thursday, April 30, 2015

E.M. Bryant on Writing Graphic Sex VS. Family Readers

Occasionally, I take part in an online peer review group. This particular group is heavy on the sex and adventure, so obviously there'a a whole lotta graphic lovin' going down. And no doubt, it's much easier to have perfect strangers read your stuff vs. best friends (or FAMILY--oy).

The question no one wants to ask (but eventually comes up) is how to write steamy, nasty, GOOD sex when your family reads your work. After all, Thanksgiving dinner is always such a great time for Uncle Saul to bring up that bondage scene in your latest book.

Everybody has their own take on handling this. Some authors in the erotica world use a pen name and reinvent a whole new persona online. They don't tell family or too many friends. It's a bonafide alter ego for the purpose of writing without remorse, guilt, or the gruesome knowledge that dear mom and dad have read whatever freak nasty antics you've come up with.

And that's totally understandable. Maybe mom and dad don't need to know that you favor cock, member, or pleasure dagger over the word penis. And truthfully, how many times do you ponder in your head "and then he unleashed his manly looking penis and my heart went all a-flutter..." Yeah. I thought not.

There's a sense of unlimited freedom when you write for strangers. The cringe-worthy part is when family reads it. But only if you acknowledge it.

FACT: I had a dear friend approach me after reading Rapture. He asked rather nonchalantly if I took my own, ahem, experiences and transferred them to the book. After all, you write what you know, right??

There are two different ways to approach this. The first is denial: "Of course not! I'm quite virginal in real life! That's why they call this FICTION. Oh my gosh! Does everyone think this? Oh my goodness! I shall faint from embarrassment!"


Own it.

That's right. If someone thinks they're going to get under your skin or shame you by asking such a question, own it. You wrote it, so whether you thought of it or experienced it yourself, it doesn't really matter. It's still your book.

Those of us who throw caution to the wind and write pleasure for pleasure (pun intended) can't really get too tied into "what will grandma think?!" If every word every writer wrote was sensitive to every family member, books in every genre would be utterly lacking.

I write for the same reason I read--to escape reality for a few hours and embrace a dream. That's it. Bottom line. I don't expect Sr. Angela, dominant nun of my elementary school, to buy my books and critique them, but if she did...I would gladly sign the paperbacks.

Awake is probably the most graphic book I've ever written (as Lana Moon). There's a part of myself that knows I'm stepping onto the ledge. Books with heavy sexual content tend to brand you as a certain type of author. I tend to cling to that ledge--not quite over the cliff into the land of erotica, but definitely not the safe and sensual lair of mainstream romance. But the ledge is where I feel the most comfortable.

Whether or not you keep your writing career private, the content you write should be limitless--as long as it's in your comfort zone. Family opinion is wonderful, but if it's not supportive, it should be ignored. It's your time, it's your dedication, it's your book. Let go of your inhibitions so your characters can be. Don't be afraid to step onto the ledge. Or over it.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It's the Purgatory cover reveal party!!!

At long last, the final chapter is almost ready... May 20th is the official release date!


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Monday, April 20, 2015


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Purgatory, the last installment, will be released on May 20th!!!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Rapture Memories

In 5 weeks, Purgatory will be released! I could not be more excited!

As a bonus for all my readers, here is one of my favorite passages from #Rapture!



In the winter of 1995, St. Martin of Merrick Hills Boarding School was shut down by the archdiocese. The city of Merrick Hills itself fell victim to a harsh recession, resulting in the closure of 80% of its businesses. Once a boom town, the population dropped to a mere thousand by 1994. The school population in its final months held onto fifteen students. The disappearance of one student, Ralphie Simmons, plagued the school until its closure. It has been vacant for seventeen years.

The following is a diary account of strange events following the boy's disappearance. The author of the diary is unknown, but believed to be a nun living on the grounds of the school. While exploring the remains of Merrick Hills, a group of students found the diary hidden under the stairs of the school's main corridor.

It has not been edited.


“I think you came into this place with the upper hand. Leaving us all in the dark about why you’re really here!”

He approached quickly, trapping me against the wall. I stared back just as intensely, resolved not to fall apart again. “I came here to kill Jaco. Pure and simple.”

A chill traveled up my spine.

“You’ve been here for weeks.”

“I’ve had plenty of distractions, plenty of reasons to wait.”

“He’s tied up. Helpless. Physically, anyway.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” His eyes were large, almost dangerous.

“If you want me to trust you, then you have to start talking.” His face was close, so very close, to mine.

“I planned on killing him the day I got here. But there were . . . complications. Kids. Annie. Pritchard. You.”

“You wanted to seduce me to keep me distracted then?”

“No!” He slammed his fist into the wall, just above my head. “I can’t explain in a way you’ll understand. But you weren’t supposed to be here. Those kids weren’t supposed to be here. It was just supposed to be Jaco.”


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Monday, April 6, 2015



Two years ago, it all started with Rapture:

A year ago, Genesis gave us Jess Jaco's side of the story.

Now, the last installment has arrived. But Purgatory is more than just a short thriller.


1. The end of Rapture saw a hopeful new "family" leaving the confines of the St. Martin's school. Expect to reunite with *some* of the survivors--and expect to revisit the nearly demolished school. 

2. The first installment was very heavy on the horror, supernatural aspect, and sexuality of the nun. The second, however, was very dark but without all the sex. What will the finale entail?
ANSWER: It's heavy on the horror and suspense--but there's also quite a lot of romance (more on that later). 

3. Who is Gregory Bowers? 
The nun was the narrator in Rapture, the maniacal Jaco was the narrator in Genesis, so who is the story-teller in the 3rd installment? 
ANSWER: Gregory Bowers is a detective who gets in way over his head while investigating the case. He's a man with a tragic past, which makes him very sympathetic to the nun's story. He, very quickly, develops an odd fixation on her based on her diary. 

4. Gregory has a female partner. Is there a Scully/Mulder vibe between them?
ANSWER: Gregory and Vivian are definitely on a kind of X-Files investigation, and their relationship changes over the course of the story. It may have a little Scully/Mulder vibe, but the romance (hint-hint) doesn't take 9 seasons. 

5. We will see more of the nun in Purgatory?
YES--she will make an appearance, as will another familiar face that we saw in Rapture

6. Is Jaco really still alive?
His fate seemed sealed at the end of Rapture, but the end of Genesis saw a different outcome. We'll find out exactly who died and who made it out in the 3rd installment. Trust me.

7. What's the nun's name?
It was revealed in Genesis that her name is Claudia. 

8. Is Ralphie still alive?
All will be revealed in about 6 weeks... 

9. Is there a release date for Purgatory?
Yes. May 20th. Get ready!!! Follow me on Amazon for new release info:


November 24, 2013— Motel room of G. Bowers, Merrick Inn

The more time I spend with Derrick, the more I think about Claudia.
Is it wrong for me to fantasize about a woman I’ve never met or even seen? Is it wrong that in my
darkest hour, I close my eyes and think of her?

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