Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Changing Leaves; Turning Pages

I've been in Dallas for nearly 6 months now. The hardest change (and I think I knew it would be) is closing in: no true fall. If you're from the Midwest, chances are you may not like all the seasons, but there is something fantastic about the change of seasons - especially fall.

The colors, the way the wind starts to howl instead of blow... The end of summer and impending death of another year. There are a million metaphors for fall. But I'll use one word to describe it: Enchanting.

As a writer, it's no surprise I get my best material during this time of year. The days grow shorter, and the nights longer - and with all of that comes a mesmerizing sense of story. A need to tell a story, to weave more magic into a season already oozing in it. And why the hell not? I've never questioned why Halloween extinguishes October.

Meanwhile, two short stories later, and I'm struggling to find time to work on edits while juggling a new outline. And that's magic in itself after a long writing dry spell  (I blame the Texas heat).
It's a strange new time in life, that's for sure. How many of you, writers and readers, have experienced a 'changing of leaves,' or turning the page on what was once habitual writing or reading? Plots, character develop, climax...all splattered with enough suspense to drive each page on (just like in life).

It's my first year in Texas. It's already a page-turner.

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