Friday, October 20, 2017

UPDATE: Red Mother Dead (#RMD)

After many pauses (and pauses), the final product is almost ready to be unleashed! If you missed the blurb on #RMD, click HERE.

And with that, we have a lovely excerpt!


Housekeeper Brit McKay has her hands full with the arrival of a widowed crush, his young son, and a chilling mystery that rattles her meticulous world of order. 

"Jack wanted someone to keep him on his toes. He got that in abundance with Erica. She wanted to make a crazy and colorful life for all of them.” Brit picked up a teddy bear off the floor and tossed it to the stripped bed. “I was worried Jack might do something drastic after she was murdered.”
Brit sat down on the bed, holding the teddy bear in her arms. The Jack she knew from high school was so strong, so determined. But the statement he had made that morning was somber. Shaky. “Can I ask what happened to Erica?”
She saw Melanie look hesitant at first. “I don’t think I ever was able to read all the details.” She pointed to her neck. “The artery was severed. She bled out in seconds, or so they say.”
“God! Did they catch the guy?”
Melanie shook her head. “There was some debate over whether it was some animal attack, or if someone had somehow…” Melanie looked away from her for a moment, as if trying to shake the details out of her head. “Do you know what the worst part of it was? The body went missing right after Jack identified her.”
“They said medical students, maybe. Something about money that can be made from securing dead bodies… Organs or something. I don’t know. I don’t even like thinking about it. I mean, the very idea of body snatchers…just the lowest of the low.”
Poor Jack. No wonder he needed to leave Indianapolis. “I’m so sorry. I had no idea you were carrying this around all this time.”

“It wasn’t my business to tell. Besides, it was Jack I was so worried about. He was so…sure…that Erica wasn’t really dead at first. He scared the hell out of me once. He called me one night, drunk, swearing he saw her. Swearing she had come to him. That she had laid in bed next to him. As if nothing had happened. And in the morning, she was gone. And he was alone again.”


Special note: I had fun writing Brit's story. She's a total neat-freak. Introducing a messy kid to a neat-freak is a special kind of glorious hell! And Brit needed her world rocked...maybe not in the dark way it ended, but it's all a metaphor. Houses are messy. Kids are messy. Life is messy. 
In many ways, this story is about conquering the past (and conquering demons). It's dark, it's funny, and it's very romantic. It's a great departure from Rapture, but there's (hopefully) enough scares to grip the die-hard romantic horror fans out there! And yes, it's a vampire story. Without glitter.  

Stay tuned for more! #RMD #horror #romance #suspense 

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