Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Re-release of Rapture!

At long last, the date has been set for Rapture's relaunch! January 31st--sink your teeth into this story!

Order for $0.99 on your Kindle or Kindle app and $6.75 paperback!

Included in this re-release--a lost chapter from Derrick!

Check out the book trailer for more details!


In the midst of a boarding school's demise, a young and naive nun experiences an intense sexual awakening. 

Retold through her diary, the secluded school of St. Martin's is falling apart. To make matters worse, a student goes missing, pitting fear and doubt against the school's headmaster. When the headmaster begins exhibiting disturbing behavior, it's up to the nun to protect the last remaining students. Aide arrives in the form of a mysterious priest, whose very presence poses the rawest temptation for the nun. But as winter closes in on the isolated group, an unseen danger takes hold, threatening escape. The nun's final testimony of her affair with a priest and their battle against seemingly true evil will blur the line between cabin fever and a haunting from hell.


February 20, 1995
I've spent the last few days avoiding Fr. Derrick. Not an easy task in a school with a population of 7. Today he finally cornered me alone, though. I suppose it was inevitable.

"Do I look diseased?"


"You've done your best to keep me at a distance, and cover yourself with the kids the past few days. I'm assuming my appearance has rattled you." He wasn't wrong. My nerves were on edge, and what I had prayed for was a way out. Not a new stranger to figure out.

"I like to keep structure for the children. It keeps them occupied." I wanted to get away from him, but he was blocking the doorway.

"I'm just asking for a moment. I'd like to help. The missing boy—that has to have taken a toll. And the recent disappearance of Sister Mary—also unsettling."

"They're coping," I said, listlessly. He stepped closer to me, his blue eyes on my face, impossible to get around them.

"I'm talking about you." His concern made me laugh. We were all on our own, except for the children.

"I'm alright. I am disappointed, I'll admit, that you've essentially come to help babysit." My tone was biting, unfriendly. And I wanted to back off, but the anger was on the surface, and I was tired.

“You can’t do this alone, Sister.” All I could do was nod my head. Annoyance in my eyes, I knew my speech would be shaky, so I stood mute. Finally he moved away from the door, and I made my escape down to the kitchen. There was something about that man that just unsettled me. No, not unsettled. That was the wrong word.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Two years ago, I began the strange journey into authorhood. My virgin voyage (ahem), however, was much rougher and much more painful than I had anticipated.

The problem began when I partnered up with the first company that showed interest in my book (NOTE: not publisher, but COMPANY). Long story short, my over-zealousness resulted in a very poor choice. When you work tirelessly to make a product good and then put it in the wrong hands--well, it resulted in nearly 2 years of combativeness and bitterness. Needless to say, after enduring this partnership with practically no rights in pricing or distribution, I won a major battle. Namely, I'm getting my book back!

For any fellow self-pub or indie authors, I urge you to research any company offering a contract and partnership. I learned my lesson the hard way.

The best news about Rapture is I'll be partnering directly with Amazon again. I know there's a lot of controversy with some of the programs Amazon provides for authors (namely, the KDP borrowing and refund policies), but I've had very positive experiences with Amazon, and when I asked about relaunching Rapture with them, they were very supportive.

My editor, Stacy Doyle, is also back on board as we wrap up the last book in this series. What does this mean for all of my amazing readers?

Lower prices, a new badass cover for Rapture, and a fun little extra!

I'll keep you all up-to-date with this amazing news. I'm hoping once the "new" Rapture is up and running I can do gift-set giveaways for the whole trilogy! I could not even offer that before, and now I've been given a second chance!

Thank you all the support! XO

The trailer for Purgatory is up now! Check it out!

Need a refresher for Rapture? Check out that trailer HERE, and a free excerpt HERE!

Monday, January 5, 2015





This is Lana Moon's first full-length novel!

Set in a rural mansion near the city of St. Jerome, widower John Stonem has been grieving for his wife for years. When all hope seems lost, he catches sight of Hazel Loveless--a struggling single mother . . . who just so happens to be a dead-ringer for John's late wife.

John Stonem is a man of great wealth. He adores his wife beyond life itself and showers her with expensive gifts and a lavish house. The problem? The house was built on cursed land. And when John's wife suddenly dies in a freakish accident, he falls into a deep depression and refuses to leave the home he shared with his love.

Hazel Loveless is a strong and independent woman whose boyfriend walked out of her life as soon as she became pregnant. Determined to build a better life for herself and young daughter, she journeys to the troubled city of St. Jerome for a job...and unknowingly changes the rules of fate.

A nearly botched kidnapping occurs, and suddenly Hazel is thrown into the center of John's dark and lonely world. Convinced that Hazel is truly his wife back from the dead, John strikes a deal with Hazel: Stay with him for a month, and if he can't convince her that she is truly his lost love, Hazel can leave...with $250,000 in her pocket to start a new future with.

The closer Hazel gets to John, the more the line blurs between kidnapper and lover. But if she falls for John, is she allowing him to believe his delusion? As if things aren't confusing enough, Hazel's young daughter latches on to a peculiar doll, claiming the doll tells her secrets about the house . . . and what really happened to John's late wife. Hazel is determined to give her daughter a better life, but at what cost?

And when increasingly strange happenings continue within the house, both John and Hazel must face an even darker truth than either realized. Will love conquer a dark curse and mend two broken hearts?