Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Endeth/Horror Cometh

My first series was the Diary Trilogy (ahem, available on Amazon now for 99 cents each). I love this series, as awful as that sounds coming from a writer. But when you write something that actually gives you the chills, well, it's usually something that translates to the page (or at least, you hope).

The final installment, Purgatory, just got a face-lift, and I absolutely love it!!! Here's a sneak peek!

If you haven't read any of the Diary Trilogy Series, why? :-D

Here's an excerpt from Purgatory to nibble on...because Halloween is just around the corner. And if you're like me, there needs to be oodles upon oodles of scary movies and books.

Because there must be!

Ex-­cop Gregory Bowers has just stepped into the murky and secretive world of Merrick Hills. He has one duty: finding the survivors who fled the horrific St. Martin school in 1995. But in delving into the school’s last days, he finds himself slowly losing grip on reality...and welcoming the dreams of a woman he’s never met.

Investigator Vivian Sparrow has visited dark places before, but even she feels the intensity of the case. Aiding Bowers with his terrifying crusade isn’t easy—neither is ignoring the growing attraction between them.

All bets are off when the duo inadvertently awakens a devil. The clock is ticking to find the lost survivors before a force from the past claims more victims.

Can Bowers stay rooted in reality with Sparrow...or will he fall into the clutches of a young nun’s diary? And can Vivian find a way to defeat the devil before he claims both of them?


7pm—Holding Unit, Merrick Hills Police Department

I had to wait an hour while a doctor and nurse looked over the man’s leg. The bullet didn’t hit any arteries, and entered and exited cleanly. He declined to be taken to a hospital for observation, I was relieved to hear that since I knew Vivian was there with Danny.

After administering a shot of antibiotics, the doctor and nurse left.

“Okay, Bowers, you’re up. The man wouldn’t give his name to anyone. We took his fingerprints and I’m having Walker run them.”

“Thanks, Chief.”

I walked into the holding unit. The man sat calmly on the cot. His injured leg was resting on top, while the other dangled. He was rubbing his temples with his hands. I don’t know what happened to the clothes he was wearing. He donned an orange jumpsuit now. And his beard and hair had been trimmed back.

“How’s the leg?” I asked, sitting down on the bench outside of the holding cell. He didn’t bother looking my way.

“Hurts like hell.”

“I can get you some pain medication.”

“No pills. I’d rather feel what’s really happening than dull the experience.”

He didn’t sound like a demon-possessed ex-priest. He did sound gruff and tired, though.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“What’s yours?” He asked sharply.

“Gregory Bowers. I’m a special investigator.”

“Ha. A special investigator?”


“And what exactly are you investigating, Special Investigator Gregory Bowers?”

“Presently, that would be you.”

“Alright, go ahead.”

“I already did—I asked for your name.”

“I don’t have one anymore.”

“You must have at one time.”

“That bastard took my fingerprints. If that’s so, I’m sure you’ll find something.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier just to tell me?”

He turned his head slowly toward me and grinned sheepishly. “Maybe the better question is who do you think I am?”

“I haven’t come to that conclusion yet.”

“Oh, come on. They didn’t pin me down in the woods because I was just passing through. They think I’m someone of interest. So, the question is, who is it that I’m supposed to be?”

I hesitated, then I decided it was best to be truthful. “Do you know the name Jess Jaco?”


Happy early Halloween! Stay tuned for more news! 

...And don't be shy about stocking up on some good, scary reads!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Allure of Romantic Horror

Whether you're a vampire literary snob,  or you just love any dark piece of romantic horror, you're no stranger to sultry scenes mixed with heart-pounding and nightmare wielding storylines.

Personally, I love romantic horror -- and even horror erotica -- but it's a genre that gets an unfair label by writers and readers who don't understand it. I've heard everything from 'cheap smut' to 'evil perversion,' and some of these works were written by the likes of Bram Stoker.

Perversion -- or beauty-- is truly in the eye of the beholder.

I wrote Rapture because I think the scariest stories make us question our deepest roots of faith. And if you're religious, there is nothing more frightening than facing evil that doesn't care what you believe in...and that doesn't respond to any religious conviction. So often we use religion as an order of protection, and as a safeguard against the unpredictability of life. So when it's turned so wickedly in seemingly innocent places (like a school), it exposes a very real vulnerability.

Romantic horror, by proxy, highlights our greatest fears and greatest desires. A school possessed by a demon, a lover turned into another being, or a child abducted by something unholy -- whatever the extreme horror, it unleashes our own sense of doom. Our own sense of self and self-worth is suddenly doubted. And inhibitions that were always kept caged are released. Fear and seduction are mixed. There's an amazing rush of adrenaline that hits the reader during those storylines.

Again, it's all in the eye of the beholder. If you're intrigued at all, though, there's some great news. The rebirth of the novella is in full swing, and everything from the classics to more modern works are up for grabs (and they're great for those who are time restricted).

One of my favorites is Carmilla. This may actually be the very first vampire thriller, and it's just so smooth and beautiful. It's not blatantly sexual like most modern books, but deeply sensual and romantic...with a dark twist. You can grab a copy here.

Before the end of the year, I'll have a couple more projects out. In the meantime, feel free to check out Rapture here (as well as an excerpt). It has much more blatant sexual themes (reader beware).

And maybe keep your lights on...

Happy HORROR reading!


*I do not own rights to graphic covers.*

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Spring is upon us, which naturally means I've got horror in store for everyone...

The plot:
Housekeeper Brit McKay is used to a life of tidiness and order. When widower Jack Brennan and his young son arrive at the estate, they bring with them a terrifying secret. As strange events immediately begin to plague the household, Brit begins to suspect that Jack and his son are being stalked by something evil. 

The dreadful secret, once exposed, threatens everything Brit knows to be true. Because death should be final and absolute. 

...Except when the dead refuse to go in peace.  

RED MOTHER DEAD will be out late spring/early summer, and I can't wait! Check out the Official Book Trailer AND check out the cover!



Wednesday, February 24, 2016

RED MOTHER DEAD -- coming soon!!!

Long ago, I toyed and teased about releasing a vampire story. That was NOT a lie. 

It's finally getting polished up, and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks! The biggest question has been, no doubt, what the title is all about. I'm not quite one to romanticize vampire stories, though I can appreciate the #Twilight fan-base. 

But this is a dark, somber, and suspenseful story (and maybe there's some romance thrown in there). 

Red Mother Dead is told through the eyes of young housekeeper Brit McKay.  

When her childhood crush Jack Brennan returns to Des Moines, a series of strange events begin to unfold. Jack's return is prompted by the peculiar murder of his wife -- details that not even Brit is immediately aware of. 

But Jack wants his son Liam to have a fresh start, and moving into his Aunt Melanie's home seems like the new beginning they so desperately need. As Jack settles in, he confides in Brit that he doesn't quite feel like his wife is truly gone. Nightmares plague him, and young Liam insists that his mother visits him nightly.

Strange scratches appear on Liam's window, and Jack wakes up with mysterious wounds on his neck and chest. While Melanie insists that Jack and Liam are just trying to cope with the trauma of losing a loved one, Brit can't help but wonder if the small family truly isn't being terrorized by someone who was pronounced dead 3 years ago.

Fans of #RAPTURE will love the flow of the story, as well as the quick building suspense. RED MOTHER DEAD is a standalone book. 

Stay tuned for details on its release!!!   

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Day Horrors (to read)

No surprise, 2015 flew by. Suddenly it's 2016. Oprah's the new spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. And the X-Files has returned to Fox. It's a brave new world. And I'm happy to announce that 2016 will rocket out two new ghoulish projects.

My first standalone novella, Agnes M, will be out later in the spring. If you're a fan of lost love, ghosts, a don't-f***-with-me heroine, and some steamy, steamy scenes, you'll want to check out this one.

Here's the teaser for Agnes M:

Nearly a decade after her millionaire husband goes missing, Agnes Moorehead is a woman on the edge. Her writing career does little to help keep the floundering Moorehead Estate going, and she's the sole guardian to her young brother-in-law, Liam.

With the estate falling into pieces, Agnes desperately seeks out otherworldly powers to help her -- and keep the lecherous banker off the grounds. Her wish seems to come true. A sudden windfall lands at her disposal. And, miracle beyond miracle, her missing husband returns.

But were those otherworldly powers she summoned truly the miracle workers? For the man who returns looks like her husband...but there's something dark about him that troubles Agnes. In the midst of the night, there are whispers in the house. Whispers about Agnes. Whispers about keeping the house in order. And whispers about protecting the mysterious Moorehead legacy at all costs. Has Agnes sacrificed her body and soul all for a piece of property...or for the appetite of the house's true master?


More details to come!

In the meantime, for Valentine's Day this year I'm giving away RAPTURE for free on Febs 11 & 12. Can't wait until then? You can download it for 99 cents now. #Cheers!

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