Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Two years ago, I began the strange journey into authorhood. My virgin voyage (ahem), however, was much rougher and much more painful than I had anticipated.

The problem began when I partnered up with the first company that showed interest in my book (NOTE: not publisher, but COMPANY). Long story short, my over-zealousness resulted in a very poor choice. When you work tirelessly to make a product good and then put it in the wrong hands--well, it resulted in nearly 2 years of combativeness and bitterness. Needless to say, after enduring this partnership with practically no rights in pricing or distribution, I won a major battle. Namely, I'm getting my book back!

For any fellow self-pub or indie authors, I urge you to research any company offering a contract and partnership. I learned my lesson the hard way.

The best news about Rapture is I'll be partnering directly with Amazon again. I know there's a lot of controversy with some of the programs Amazon provides for authors (namely, the KDP borrowing and refund policies), but I've had very positive experiences with Amazon, and when I asked about relaunching Rapture with them, they were very supportive.

My editor, Stacy Doyle, is also back on board as we wrap up the last book in this series. What does this mean for all of my amazing readers?

Lower prices, a new badass cover for Rapture, and a fun little extra!

I'll keep you all up-to-date with this amazing news. I'm hoping once the "new" Rapture is up and running I can do gift-set giveaways for the whole trilogy! I could not even offer that before, and now I've been given a second chance!

Thank you all the support! XO

The trailer for Purgatory is up now! Check it out!


Need a refresher for Rapture? Check out that trailer HERE, and a free excerpt HERE!

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