Friday, December 4, 2015

It's December!

No new posts since Halloween?! How embarrassing!

So, I posted a long time ago about how my nasty little gem, His Wrath, Her Honor, will be revised and re-released. That was NOT a lie, I promise!

I'm polishing the edges, groping the 'climax' of the story, and re-finishing a new cover.

In addition, 2016 will have another dark horror/romance: Agnes M. (More on that later!)

Until then, I'll revisit the ghost of His Wrath, Her Honor...

HWHH is widely viewed as erotica...and I had a lot of hate mail about it when it was first released. But the story is really centered on Nick Banes, my main stud. The story is a little dark, but there's nothing paranormal about it (which is a huge difference compared to the Diary Trilogy).

I stand by it, though the common complaint was that Simone (the object of Nick's affection) was too weak and victimized. But again, this is really Nick's story.

The plot hasn't changed much: Nick is the reckless, rich guy in a small town. He's angry that he's stuck in this small town, and he's rotten to most people he encounters (especially Simone). But the funny thing about even the meanest people is that when they start to care about someone else, perception can change. They can change.

And that, in a nutshell, is this little story. And it's one my editor (the fabulous Stacy Doyle) and I love dearly.

So, stay tuned, hang tight, and get ready for a whopping 99 cent read that's still sure to piss someone off. XOXO

Blast from the past excerpt of HWHH!

“Well, as I told you, I do own most of this shit. Why not be part of the package? Make some fun with the town? Make some fun in general with the pious and virtuous ladies especially.”

“God, you’re so vile.”

“Perhaps. But I never want for anything. I never need anyone to write a check for me.”

“This isn’t for ME, or I’d tear it up now!”

“Yes, yes. Respectable Simone. My little rain goddess.” He offered her his arm, then quickly disengaged seeing her wrathful look. “Amuse me, would you? How many of the town’s finest have sampled your fresh eagerness?”


Re-release info coming soon!!! If you're looking for some short, saucy (and terrifying) reads, check out my Amazon page!

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