Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Giveaway!!!

To celebrate Halloween, I'm giving away #Genesis and #Purgatory for FREE on 10/31!!!

Mark your calendars!

Check out an excerpt from Genesis here:

September 1, 1991

My days are plagued in fear. Mary glares at me at every pass. Donovan refuses to take meetings with me.

I learned from Pritchard that the call that came in from “Derrick” originated from some prison in Kansas. I pressed for more details, but Pritchard said Donovan didn’t seem to take the matter seriously.

I had my own concerns.

I started walking the corridors at night. I’m not completely sure why—but the voices don’t frighten me anymore.

At least they hadn’t.

I walked to Neil’s room again. I’m unsure why I have this incessant need to torture myself. His room is empty. But I walked to it anyway. For a moment, I thought I heard movement on the other side of his door.

I pulled it open and stepped inside, but it was completely still.

I longed to see him tucked in that bed, sleeping soundly. On occasion, I used to check on him during the night, making sure he was warm enough, and making sure he wasn’t having a nightmare. So small and beautiful. He is perfection.

And as I stepped back out of Neil’s empty room, it occurred that some other child may inherit this room. And it will no longer carry his memory, but that of another’s.

Neil could be my child. My friend. My idea of perfection, but living and breathing.
I walked up toward the next corridor. The one that gave me chills. That west corridor.

A gust of air greeted me—chilly as if it were February and not September. An urgent whisper reached my ears this time, though. Not the long and stretched out voices like before, but an urgent, harsh whisper.

“CHARLIE!” It hissed!

I ran down the stairs and out to the offices. I locked my door for the rest of the night. The land was bad—that’s what Pritchard had said. It was a cursed land. Perhaps he was right. Or perhaps this place was succeeding in breaking me. 


Watch the trailer for Purgatory here:




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