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February is the month for changes! Genesis will be released soon, and as promised, it will be featured for free for a limited time via this blog!

As far as the weekly blog updates, my team has decided to change the set-up of the blog itself--as well as the contents.

More romance, more steam, more drama--less personal life boo-hoo! This is a direction I've been wanting to take the blog for several months, and it is FINALLY going to happen!

What this means:

*Short stories and little miniseries for FREE on this blog for viewers.
*Genre categories that vary from contemporary romance to gothic.
*Some material WILL be suitable for YA. For material that is not, there will be a disclaimer at the top of each entry.

This will be rolling out in the next couple weeks! This will likely mean blog entries will be shortened to 1-2 entries per month, but the quality will be FAR better!

Thank you for your patience--in the meantime, have a treat:


*NOT suitable for YA*

His Wrath, Her Honor

Nick Banes is spiteful, rude, malicious, perverted, and downright hateful...And his fury for the charitable but vulnerable Simone Silver knows no bounds. Early spring thunderstorms turn their tumultuous working relationship into a full-blown battle of wits and wills. Fueled with fire and lust, Nick torments Simone until she begins to unravel. Will he find his humanity and save her from herself, or will he let the flames consume her?

The Attractive Advertisement
Astrid was livid to find fifteen shot glasses and 8 wine glasses destroyed. She had called Nick as soon as she got home, seeing his handy work all over the restaurant.

“Nick, I swear to God! You better not say one fucking word when I charge all new glasses to your AMEX! Not one word! And I’m not going to bring up how the eight hours of floor waxing has basically been ruined, but I’ll be sure to let you know the next time you show up here, which should be any hour!” She slammed the phone back down and grabbed a broom. Then spotted Simone on the floor.

“Please tell me YOU did not make this mess?” Simone said nothing. “You know? I don’t get you. So cool and calm…but not with Nick.”

Simone pulled herself off the floor. “This is my fault. I pissed him off.” She took the broom from Astrid and began sweeping all of the broken glass.

Astrid lit her cigarette and sat down. “I guess you must have for him to throw such a tantrum. Impressive.”


“Sure. I've never seen a woman get under Nick’s skin so badly.”

“He hates me. The things he says to me…”

“Just like the playground, honey. Men aren't so complicated.”

“He’s malicious.”

“He is.”

“And a pervert.”

“He is.”

“So how can you work for him? And manage this place and have him come in and out—wrecking everything?!”

“It’s a job. And he doesn't bother me.”

Simone put her head down, feeling the tears building again.

“You know what I’d do if I were you? I’d go out on the town. Meet somebody, anybody. Have a few drinks.”

“And what? Have a nice one-night stand?”

“Nobody said anything about sex. I get it. You don’t have any interest in it.”

“God, why does everyone keep saying that!”

She couldn't mask her tears any longer. Astrid got up and grabbed a bottle of gin. She poured a beer mug nearly to the top and put it in Simone’s hand. “Down this, honey. Takes the edge off.”

“I’m not drinking a mug of gin.” But out of desperation, she did chug about half of it, nearly choking.

“You remind me of myself ten years ago. New in town. Fresh faced. Energetic.”

“Virginal?” She chuckled at Simone.

“Maybe not that. But life is full of surprises. Why let one man get you down so much? And hell, honey. If the virgin aspect is really getting to you, you could always place an ad.”

“An ad? For my virginity?”

“Sure. Beautiful girl like you…” She laughed until she realized Simone was not. “I’m kidding, honey. Don’t sell yourself that way.”

“I think I want to be alone.” She poured the broken glass into the trash can and exited. Astrid couldn't help but notice she went into the office instead of upstairs.

Her thoughts a fumbled mess of hurt and confusion, she sat at the office computer. What if Nick was right? What if no man would have the patience for her? She had prized her virginity, in a sense, out of fear of engaging in that next step. The past two weeks of dealing with Nick had made her see men in a new light—raw, undisciplined, and savage. The men who romanced her in books were charming and thought her reservation something to overcome, not attack.

Worst of all, what if the thing she had held so sacred for so long WAS the exact thing holding her back in life? If that was true, Nick was right. And she was tragic. The click of the mouse hovered above a personal advertisement.

It would be one night. One night and no more. She could end her own torment and her own fear, and not have to answer to a complete stranger. Or to Nick. With the final ounce of her strength, she clicked on the link. It asked for a title to her advertisement. She thought for a moment.

Wanted: A Gentleman for a Gentle Task.” Satisfied, she filled the body of the advertisement with vague details, and ended it with an email address.

It was after midnight. No response yet. But exhaustion prevailed. She tiptoed out of the office and up the stairs. From behind, she thought someone was watching her. “Astrid?” After several seconds of silence, she finished the short trek to her room, and fell asleep almost immediately.

Reese arrived in the morning with fresh coffee and donuts. He was surprised to see Nick on the front porch. “You’re here early.”

“I had a rough day yesterday.”

“Yeah, Astrid filled me in on the pricey new glasses she’s ordering.”

He opened the door for Reese, thankful, in a sense, for the company.

“It was a rough day.” Nick repeated, looking like he hadn't shaved or had a shower in over a day.

“You okay, buddy?”

“Fine. Just tired.”

Reese cocked his eyebrow. “How long have you been pacing the porch?”

“Too long.”

“You want to talk about what’s bothering you?”

Annoyed, Nick snatched a donut and stood over by the bar…where he had pinned Simone. “What’s bothering me, Reese?”

“A certain redhead who sleeps right above this bar.”

“I have more to do than fixate on that girl.”

“Really? It seems like that’s all you've fixated on lately.”

“How do you figure when I just fucked her little housemate a week ago?”

“You’re obsessing over her.”


“No, Simone!”

“I haven’t brought her name up once!”

“Or ever! Which is exactly my point! We sit in the back and analyze every woman who walks in our path. EVERY woman. With the exception of ONE.”

“Oh, please. Spare me your psychology degree from the University of Tinkle.”

“University of Tinton.”

“Whatever. The girl isn't the issue. I could care less.”

“Then what’s got you all up in knots?”

“Maybe, little Reesy, I just need a break from all of this happy town shit.”

“Well, we have tomorrow night covered. You don’t have to even show up. Simone and I have a handle on everything.”

He groaned and sat back down. “Still my investment.”

“Yeah, I know. You remind me every day.” Nick noticed his glib assertion.

“It’s business, Reese.”

“Not everything is. The way you act, the things you say… You’re going to hurt the wrong person one day, Nick. You’re going to push the wrong buttons.”

He laughed unapologetically. “If only men were so weak.”

“It’s not a man I’m talking about.”

He stopped laughing. “I have no influence like that over anyone.”

“How’d you get that girl naked out in the open after only officially meeting her an hour prior?” Nick considered this. “You still think you have no influence? I think, to people who don’t know you, you are worse than an incurable virus.”

He grabbed Reese by the collar of his shirt. “Say that to me again, would you? And wet your lips before you do it.” Reese head-butted him, sending him back first to the floor.

“Everything is a joke or a cruel observation to you. But sooner or later, you’re going to instigate something you can never take back. And no money in the world will save you when that happens.” He grabbed his raincoat, heading for the door. “And I really hope it isn’t Simone who pays. That girl has done nothing but help me, and you’re doing your best to ruin her.” 

Slamming the door behind him, he left Nick to stew in his own self-made hell. 


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