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February 9, 1995
Bobby had a nightmare, frightfully similar to the ones that continue to plague Jenny. Something resembling a demon coming to his room, beckoning him to follow him into the hall, toward the empty corridor. “He said if I go with him, we can play a game with Ralphie.” I wanted to vomit and cry.

I know the children must feel our stress--that must be why they both suffer these nightmares. I asked Fr. Jaco what we were going to do, and he said we must ride out the winter. I know the road will be too dangerous to travel soon, the heavy snows are coming. The air has changed.

Why am I the only one panicking? Why is he so calm and nonchalant about this? He sings to the children some evenings, as if we're all just camping, then hunts with Mr. Pritchard, or spends his days in his office or the church, reading, writing. But he seems so unworried. "It's in God's hands,” he says. Maybe I'm impatient. But my heart, my gut, everything that has led me to God, tells me this is wrong. If only we had a phone.

But no, there can be no phone, no electricity, no communication with anyone outside of this place. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING. And I am to read my Bible passages, take care of the only two students left, and pretend that NOTHING is wrong.



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