Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year; New Horrors

Yeah, yeah, yeah. My social media is all a-gag with the "New Year, New Me" crap. And I have to say, do what you gotta do to reset that CHARGE button. You know, the button that enables you to shrug off the stress that's been building and building, and in it's place a hopeful attitude for positive changes. Or at least a better haircut.

Be it body, be it diet, be it humanitarian work, just do it. Just do you. And be happy! Meanwhile, I'll just be sitting behind a somewhat different desk (cause there's a new tablecloth now) and typing away my little ghost stories. Because that's how I roll.

On to New Horrors!

There are loads of new horrors burning in my back pocket, like a constant jab in the ass...because the stories have just been sitting there. Not moving. And not finding a new home on a new page. What can I say? I'm a busy broad. 

Luckily, RED MOTHER DEAD is still on my brain. And that will probably be my big 2017 release. And don't worry - it's gonna be a good one. Or, it's gonna be one that (hopefully) gives you nightmares for a few nights. Cause that's ALWAYS my Christmas wish...write something so ferocious that it gives people (and children who shouldn't be reading it) nightmares. FOREVER.  

Oh, and if you forgot all about RED MOTHER DEAD, here's the damn book trailer. Oh, and the cover may get another uplift before it's big, bad release too. 

Oh, and for a full(er) synopsis of this vampire tale (YES, yes, it's an eerie vampire tale...but I do manage to keep the glitter down to a shout), Check out the post from last Febs. (I know, I know, recycling an old tacky - I'll do better next time). And as always, thanks for following the shenanigans! 


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